Alretta Harris

Dear Horses in the Hood,,

This letter is being written with sincere gratitude and a hopeful heart. Let me begin by saying that the one-week spent at Middle Ranch in December/January, touched the lives of twelve youth. It's amazing how you can take"very high-risk" kids with very serious academic and behavior problems, put them in an unknown environment, and then see a transformation. I'm talking about kids who constantly fight with each other turn into kids who become a team and work side by side with one other. Low self-esteem exploded into high self-esteem.

We're only talking 12 youth here. Imagine how you can touch hundreds, right in Watts. Few of these children have the opportunity to experience what our kids did. True, this is a part of Los Angeles that rumors gang wars and drive-by shootings. These incidents are isolated just as many other tragedies that take place across the world. Our town is not so bad. And, regardless of the negative associated with this area, the majority of children have parents. And, these parents want better for their kids than what they had.

Horses in the Hood need to be IN THE HOOD! I truly believe that you will be welcomed with open arms, highly respected because you bring opportunity to the youth, and loved because you care about the future of our children.

Please accept this letter as encouragement to bring hope to small wonders.

  • Sincerely,
  • Alretta Harris
  • Program Director
  • WLCAC/LA Bridges